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Io (Grande) pendant



Product Type: Necklaces

Vendor: KLG


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Io is the closest Galilean Moon to Jupiter.

Io is the fifth moon from Jupiter. Its orbital distance is about 262,000 miles (422,000 km). Io takes 1.77 Earth-days to orbit Jupiter. Io is tidally locked, so the same side always faces Jupiter.

Io is the most volcanic object in the Solar System. There are thought to be up to 400 active volcanoes on the moon.

Available in 22ct Gold Vermeil, Rose Gold Vermeil, Sterling Silver 925.

White diamond cut sapphire stone in 22ct Gold Vermeil.

Golden diamond cut sapphire stone in Rose Gold Vermeil.

Blue diamond cut sapphire stone in Sterling Silver 925.

Recycled silver is used.

Size of stone 3mm.

Pendant size 23mm diameter approx.

Chain length choices 18”, 20”


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