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Anchored Silver Pendant Petite
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 Anchored pendant

With so many emotional pictures how immigrants and asylum seekers are treated recently, it is hard not to feel for people who are trying to make better lives for themselves and families.  

It is hard for some people to appreciate that someone in their family must have moved from another country of travelled in their family tree. Everyone has a migration and travelling story- everyone is human. Wherever you feel your roots are- you have a right to call it home.

The anchor is a symbol for a place you call home and feel safe. Wherever you choose to call your home, you can lay down some roots without external judgement. This pendant has my signature braids around the anchor. Braids can show the lifeline for life and culture.

 This is a gender-neutral collection.

Size of the anchor- 15mm height and 11mm width

Chain Length: 18" adjustable chain 

Silver pendant

Store jewellery in a box or pouch.

Made out of recycled silver or gold- ethical/sustainable jewellery item.

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Store jewellery in a box or pouch.


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