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I make jewellery to a high standard. From my hands to your hands

Treat the jewellery with care, and it will continue to look stunning!

Here are a few useful tips on keeping your jewellery looking beautiful. Avoid direct contact with water (salt or fresh) and chemicals such as perfume, creams, and lotions. You should avoid wearing Gold Vermeil jewellery in the bath, shower, swimming and when washing dishes.

Excessive heat or moisture can deteriorate the plating on the metal and stones. Gently wipe with soft polishing cloth to bring back shine. Avoid impact against hard surfaces and store your jewellery separately so it doesn’t rub against or scratch other pieces.

For stone protection keep jewellery safe in a cloth or pouch, so that it does not scratch other jewellery items. In addition don’t expose the stone to high temperatures, because it can affect the colour of the stone.

If you have any questions on how to look after your jewellery or aftercare services, please get in touch with me at info@kassandralaurengordon.com
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