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Having a chat with Xadi a West London Musician, Artist, Singer, Rapper and Producer

Having a chat with Xadi a West London Musician, Artist, Singer, Rapper and Producer


West London Musician, Artist, Singer, Rapper and Producer

So, I interviewed Xadi in my Black Creative Handbook Podcast and here are the summary of what we talked about:
Church made him into music, his mom will always brought him to Church every Sunday and they used to went on his auntie who has a old band. So he think he made a way when he asked his mom to buy him a guitar and learn  on YouTube.
He also get into comedy when someone took him to a show and he thinks he can do it. So when he was on second year he audition. Funny because I used to do comedy before, but I'm not good at it! I give up quickly but I'm thinking of getting back because it's a matter of sustainability.
So going back to Xadi, he got serious into music but he first finish University. He work so hard and feel like he's punishing himself. He believes that anyone can do anything if you tried hard enough. For his first project it names Honest and made on thousands streams. Amazing! I got curious about his process and he said he just being himself and authentic that made him into where he is right now. He asked me what the concept about my jewellery line. Happy to discuss it with him and appreciate him for asking that.
Surprisingly, he produce his music as well. He do it on YouTube and he is one man band and did everything. Amazing! But how about collaboration? He said that he's not doing collaboration because he is worse at that. He produce everything and don't knew any producers and other musician. So the people he only collaborating with are either his friend. He is bad at reaching out because he can't handle rejection.
We also talk about his relationship with fashion and jewellery. He said that his parents was obsess with fashion. And he has his friend who's into styling so whenever he has music video he got styled by his friend. 
Another amazing thing about Xadi is he get himself into Radio. He didn't get to manage but when he was into University someone help him with sending emails and believe on him. He believes that he can do all the creative thing but he can't do all the emails and reaching out. So he think it best to have someone who can help you but for him he needs someone who can help him with that. 
Want to listen to the full interview? Link below.
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Listen to my full interview with Xadi at Black Creative Handbook hosted by Kassandra Lauren Gordon:

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I will be featuring another special guest soon. Don't miss out!

Speak soon,

Kassandra xx


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