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Having a chat with Ksoul

Having a chat with Ksoul


Multi-genre Singer Songwriter in Hillington East London

 In 2020 her Kitty Khat reached over 11,000 streams on spotify organically.

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She is a half German and half Jamaican and a young talented woman in the game and her voice best describes contemporary jazz, neo soul and blues with the outgoing r&b genre.

So, I interviewed Ksoul in my Black Creative Handbook Podcast and here are the summary of what we talked about:

But first, let me give you a fun fact about her, she grew up listening to Erykah Badu, Amy Whitehouse and Beyonce. 

We talk more about music and how we feels about Music. She is comfortable expressing herself through music and try her best not to follow the sonic trend whenever she feels, she released. It's important to make it more personal and that's one of her strategy and for her it works.

In terms of healing process, we talk about when is the healing come from? So she said that It's a whole process and you need to understand what you feel, and you heal from feedback of people. It's a journey of process.


Her sound is a vibe she said!

When she was at school and at the young age she knew that she wanted to sing and it wasn't until mid first year of university. She perform on a talent show with the song she ever written and one of the receptionist told her "Okay! Cool! You need to record your songs and get them out there". So when she finished her University she finally conquer her dream, she decide to start her own music and release it to the world.

Amazing because she got features on Vogue, Gucci and other big brands. They want to highlight black influencers and to her it feels like an early birthday gift for her to be featured on it.

It came across she use poetry and spoken words in her music because she believes that it will give a deep part of elaboration and she want to break down a song and don't want it to be vague. 

We also talk about jewellery. I noticed that she had a piece of jewellery with her, so why not talk about it right?

Want to listen more about her? Visit my podcast. Link below.

Let’s support Ksoul social media accounts:
Email:  ksoulmusic@icloud.com

Listen more to my full interview with Ksoul at Black Creative Handbook hosted by Kassandra Lauren Gordon:

YouTube Podcast

Audio Podcast

I will be featuring another special guest soon. Don't miss out!

Speak soon,

Kassandra xx

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