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Having a chat with Kathy Chapell - The Director of Fairtrade Gems and Ethical Advisor

Having a chat with Kathy Chapell - The Director of Fairtrade Gems and Ethical Advisor

Watch my full video interview with Kathy Chapell  about The Director of fairtrade gems and ethical advisor to the London diamond bourse on YouTube. We have an interesting conversation you don't want to miss!

Kathy has worked in the gemstone business for over 20 years. She emigrated to Canada as a child in 1965, settling in the gold mining town of Red Lake, northwest Ontario and later in the diamond province of Guyana and then in South Africa, returning to the UK in 1974. Through the family gemstone business, she has successfully marketed Ruby and Sapphire from the Chimwadzulu mine in Malawi. She buys stones from source and is the UK and EU Representative for Columbia Gem House of the USA, a leading proponent of ethical sourcing and distribution. She is a distributor for CanadaMark diamonds from the Dominion Diamond Corporation. She is on the Council of Management for the London Diamond Bourse and is their ‘Ethical Advisor’. Her client list includes wholesale and retail jewellers committed to fair trade principles. She is a member of Women in Mining, Gem-A and the Fair Luxury Group. She assists her father, David Hargreaves, a long-standing mining engineer in the preparation and presentation of consultancy reports on gemstone mines worldwide.
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