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Having a chat with CEO and COO of Vontelle Eyewear a Luxury Black-Owned Eyewear Brand

Having a chat with CEO and COO of Vontelle Eyewear a Luxury Black-Owned Eyewear Brand

CEO and COO of Vontelle Eyewear a Luxury Black-Owned Eyewear Brand

Ms. Tracy Vontélle Green is the CEO and in charge of the overall designs, finance, and direction of the company. Ms. Green has amassed a strong professional career which has developed her leadership skills, business, and financial acumen. She has been involved in funding procurements as a Budget Analyst for the New York City Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget; wrote grants for the New York City Department of Health; managed financial mergers as a Consultant for Accenture; oversaw the NYC public assistance budget of $6.1 billion as the Deputy Commissioner at Human Resources Administration; worked at Harlem and Bellevue Hospitals in key financial positions before becoming the Chief Financial Officer to the Department of Education School of Support Services and at Health + Hospitals Corporation- Metropolitan Hospital Center and One Brooklyn Health System - Interfaith Hospital Center.
Ms. Nancey Flowers-Harris is the COO with a focus on operations including marketing and the design of the products. Ms. Harris is a highly experienced senior executive who has worked at International companies such as Viacom (MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon), as a Sales Executive, and at Black Enterprise as the Multi-Media Sales Director. With a strong history of revenue generation, sales management, cross platform product marketing and in program integration, she moved to (BET) Black Entertainment Television as a Senior Sales Executive where she grew her portfolio of advertising clients from $13 million to $28 million in 3 years. She is an excellent communicator who drives strategic initiatives through to completion
Vontélle, LLC was incorporated last year with a clear vision and ironic symbolism of “2020”. The company produces luxury bespoke eyewear that has unique African, Caribbean, and Latin print designs and textiles. The company launched their website in October 2020 targeting consumers ages 25-65. Vontélle was created by Tracy Vontélle Green and Nancey Harris, both women of color and very highly accomplished. Tracy is a former Chief Financial Officer of a hospital and Nancey was a former sales executive at a well-known media giant. Think about this: In 2019, the global eyewear market was valued at approximately $135 billion and estimated to grow to $259 billion by 2027. Yet there are less than a handful of Black eyewear makers. According to the Vision Council, 164 million American adults wear glasses and 218 million Americans wear non-prescription sunglasses (to block sunrays). Vontélle is poised to make their mark as there is a lot of consumers looking for eyewear. The concept for Vontélle was born out of a need of both founders, who each lost their expensive eyewear within the same year and decided to focus their efforts on making their next purchases from a Black-owned brand. After searching high and low for glasses that were stylish and had an ethnic flair, they realized it simply did not exist. That is when Tracy suggested we start our own line and Nancey booked our fate determining trip to Paris. Due to their loss, the company offers a unique protection for consumers by providing a one-year/one-time replacement warranty from date of purchase if your eyewear is lost, stolen, damaged, or broken. Although the pandemic continues to ravish our nation, many people especially minorities are forced to forge new paths and career journeys. It is no different for these two new fashion couture eyewear designers. Thus, they added mid-production matching masks in the same eye-catching and awe-inspiring patterns as the eyewear. They have coined the phrase/slogan #fullfacefashion. Eyewear is not only an extension of your wardrobe, but a necessary medical device. Vontélle understands that eyewear is essential and realizes the importance of quality, thus want to help with eye health disparities. The National Institute of Health’s National Eye Institute report that, African Americans are more likely to have cataracts, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy than any other ethnic group. Befittingly, the Co-Founders have partnered with WIN (Women in Need), the largest provider of family shelter and supportive housing in New York City. The eyewear company will provide proceeds and/or eyewear as well as partner with optometrists to make annual visits to the housing facilities to offer free eye exams
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