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Having a chat with Briana

Having a chat with Briana

Briana Pegado

Briana is a creative producer, director, co-director of a different organization and based in Edinburgh.

Briana is the creative director of a creative film festival and a co-director of an organization called We Are Here Scotland


She’s supporting business, organization, creative industry, community enterprises, community lead, black lead, clear lead. She got this kind of work because she came to Scotland and came to Edinburgh in 2010 with the intention for sustainable development in international relationships .

So, I interviewed Briana in my Black Creative Handbook Podcast and here are the summary of what we talked about:
Briana is more into organization and we learn a lot with each others. We talk about Film Festival of Colors she organized where she says that there's a lot of artist in there and brought her onboard as creative director to make sure that this festival is for People of Colors. She made sure that the festival is exist with the current system and structures because the festival is crowd funded.

We live in a world where we emotionally attach and it's part of a human existence to be emotional she said

We brought emotion, feelings, empathy, compassion into workspaces, organization, creative space and we are not in a situation we are right now because of it. Emotion is our strength!

She set up her own thing when it come to creative directing and producing. She believes that it's not a good starting point because not everyone can do that but when she was at her University. She runs for president and work hard to win she's been involve in politics even she was studying.

Self doubt of being creative and Imposter Syndrome comes a lot. She share with me a quote she read on the internet says "Is it Imposter Syndrome and Self-doubt or are you person of colors trying to exist in a world that's not allowing you to succeed". She's been in a situation where she doubt herself but she believes that it's part of the fun. Fun of being creative. You don't know what's coming next? and that is part of creative process.


This doubt is part of creative process and it makes me creative!

For her it about how you flip it out on your head. It just mean you have humility and space to learn, grow and to make mistake and experiment. She gave tips fight Imposter Syndrome which is to find ways to network into community. She love creative mornings.

Where in a group of women exchanging tips, information, sending help to each other and lifting womanhood.

And of course, we talk about jewellery!

Listen to the full interview to know more about it. Link below.
Follow Briana on her Social Media accounts:

Listen to my full interview with Briana at Black Creative Handbook hosted by Kassandra Lauren Gordon:

YouTube Podcast

Audio Podcast

I will be featuring another special guest soon. Don't miss out!

Speak soon,

Kassandra xx


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