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A Note from Kassandra

When I was 13, I noticed that jewellery transformed people. I saw when people wear jewellery it brings their personality to life. 

There is a freedom to choosing pieces that speak to you, that are about personal expression and tap into your experiences. 

My pieces appeal to human beings who are bold, fearless and unapologetic about who they are. They have the courage to show themselves and allow them to continue on a journey of discovery about their own growth and their world around them.

This is why I have chosen space as one of my themes. There is a texture to the sky, one that relates to the different moods and allure, that aligns with human beings. I try and bring out that feeling in my designs.

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Award winning collection

You Are My Switch!

A bold, fearless piece expressing a newfound passion to explore her cultural heritage. 

This pendant celebrates diversity. The lightbulb symbolises Kassandra's own awakening to her identity, and the braids surrounding it represents discrimination, but its complex structure of interlacing strands also stands for unity. Parts of the proceeds of the sale will be donated to Domestic Violence charity: Sistah Space


This pendant won a Gold Award at GCD Awards

featured collection

The Anchored Pendant

The anchor is a symbol for a place you call home and feel safe. Wherever you choose to call your home, you can lay down some roots without external judgement. This pendant has my signature braids around the anchor. Braids can show the lifeline for life and culture.
This pendant has been inspired by my Windrush experience, observing other migration/immigrant stories and the journey of creating safe places to call home.

latest collection

"Love You To The Bone" Collection

It is a gender-neutral collection. I created these rings with my partner. 

In Covid-19 times we are living apart and wanted to stay connected with the power of jewellery. 

The most important part which we most value is 'support' in our relationship. Support is the foundation for our relationship. 

The hands symbol nods to everlasting support. The skeleton bones on the rings mean that love is more than skin deep and not superficial.

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Support Hoop Earrings

Jupiter is one of the brightest objects visible to the naked eye in the night sky, and has been known to ancient civilizations since before recorded history.

Support Ring - Grande

The most important part which we most value is 'support' in our relationship...The skeleton bones on the rings mean that love is more than skin deep and not superficial. 

This is my switch!

I added three strands of cornrows around the lightbulb to highlight different hair textures and the awareness of hair discrimination.

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