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Anchor Pendant

Everyone has a migration and travelling story- everyone is human. Wherever you feel your roots are- you have a right to call it home. The anchor is a symbol for a place you call home and feel safe.

Braided Life: Ear Climbers

New Collection 22

This is my switch!

I added three strands of cornrows around the lightbulb to highlight different hair textures and the awareness of hair discrimination.

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A Note from Kassandra

When I was 13, I noticed that jewellery transformed people. I saw when people wear jewellery it brings their personality to life. 

There is a freedom to choosing pieces that speak to you, that are about personal expression and tap into your experiences. 

My pieces appeal to human beings who are bold, fearless and unapologetic about who they are. They have the courage to show themselves and allow them to continue on a journey of discovery about their own growth and their world around them.

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